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Saturday, December 31, 2011


A first look at Pakistan's most anticipated feature film 'WAAR'.
Starring: Shaan Shahid, Aisha Khan, Shamoon Abbasi, Meesha Shafi, Ali Azmat & Hamza Abbasi.
Line Producer : Jameel Ahmed
Writer / Executive Producer : Hassan Rana
Director / Director of Photography: Bilal Lashari

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Remembering a legend: Noor Jehan's 11th death anniversary observed

Madam Noor Jehan has sung appropriately six thousand songs in her life time for Urdu, Punjabi and Sindhi films. 

ISLAMABAD: The death anniversary of legendary playback singer Malika-e-Tarannum Noor Jehan was observed on Friday.

Madam Noor Jehan, also known as ‘Melody Queen’ was born in the Qasoor district of Pubjab on September 21, 1926. She is considered to be the greatest film and music personality of all time of the Pakistan show business.

Madam Noor Jehan started her film career at the young age of nine and soon became a renowned child artist.  As she grew older she became famous for her acting and singing in Indian movies.

After the partition of the sub continent, she left Bombay and moved to Pakistan where she started her career as a film actress and singer. She was the first female to direct a movie and debuted with her film Chann We in 1951. Her last film was Ghalib, which was released in 1961.

Madam ruled the film industry for more than 35 years and sung appropriately six thousand songs for Urdu, Punjabi and Sindhi films. Not only was she a celebrated playback singer but also a gifted ghazal singer.
With rigorous training in classical music, Noor Jehan employed the essential features necessary to present the ghazal in an exceptional

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Lost & Found: Veena Malik staying in Mumbai hotel

Model and actress Veena Malik has not reached Pakistan, as reported earlier by the Indian media, but is still staying in a Mumbai hotel, reported by private TV networks on Sunday.

Malik had gone missing two days ago on December 16 after returning from a film shoot in Mumbai. Her manager Pratik Mehta confirmed the news and said that all her cell phones were turned off.

Earlier on Sunday, reports emerged in the Indian media saying that Malik has secretly arrived in Pakistan after went missing from her house in Mumbai. The report said that Malik arrived in Lahore through Wagah border wearing a ‘burqa’. Indian actor Ashmit Patel, who is also Malik’s friend, had come to drop her.
Indian journalist Sameena Razzaq Shaikh told Pakistani private TV channel that the rumors of Malik’s visa expiring were untrue. “She is in India on a triple-visa and her visa is valid till December 24,” she added.
Shaikh also said that it was clearly a publicity stunt by the actress.

The authorities at Wagah border also denied the reports of Malik arriving in Pakistan. They said that the immigration process is usually not done on Sundays, unless it is a special case.

Malik’s family in Islamabad said that they have no information about Malik’s whereabouts.
The Indian press had claimed that Malik’s visa was due to expire on December 16 and she was advised to stay into hiding till its extension and has, therefore, gone missing. However, Malik’s Spokesperson Sohail Rashid had denied the claims and said that her visa was valid for a couple of months.
Malik received vast criticism from the Pakistani community after being recently involved in a nude photoshoot for an Indian magazine FHM.

Earlier in an interview to BBC, Malik conceded to doing a ‘topless’ shoot, but not ‘nude’. She filed a suit against FHM India, claiming damages worth Rs100 million. FHM India has counter sued Malik for Rs250million over the controversial magazine cover that hit the stands in early December.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Son of Pakistan - A break away from Lollywood

LAHORE - A new Lollywood film, by Jarrar Rizvi, was launched on Thursday night at PAF cinema in an event attended by several actors. The film ‘Son of Pakistan’ has been produced by Chaudhry Hameed Alam, and directed by Jarrar Rizvi, while the cast has many Lollywood stars playing different roles including Shamyl Khan, Babrik Shah, Laila, Sana, Meera and Chaudhry Hameed himself. Among one of the heroes was TV actor Bilal Khan, who died last year on August 11, as a result of a Fire Broke out in the hotel situated in Islamabad.

The film is a step away from typical Lollywood practices. For one, the director’s idea of the message was far more open minded and secular than are most of others. In an interview with Pakistan Today he said that he wanted to portray Pakistan in the film as a peaceful and tolerant nation.

“The world is calling us a terrorist nation, and they are wrong,” says Rizvi, who has extensive experience in film making in the Pakistani cinema, and is known to have a unique vision. He said the film industry is suffering more because of the attitude of many of the stars rather than anything else. “It is sad that when India produces a new film, they travel all around the world trying to promote it. Here, unfortunately, they don’t even come to promote their own film, because they are busy doing something else,” he said. “We are not to blame for the films doing badly at the box office; it is not India’s fault on whom many people within the industry conveniently lay the blame. It is our own fault. If India does a Punjabi film and asks our own actress Sana to come, she will readily go, but she won’t have time for our Punjabi film projects,” he said slightly annoyed.

Film actresses, Meera, Sana and Laila were not seen at the red carpet, neither were film stars Babar Ali and Shafqat Cheema. The only actress present was new comer Silla Hussain and Shamyl Khan. Shamyl Khan expressed his happiness at the film’s release to Pakistan Today: “I am sure that the film will do well at the box office and I feel happy and proud to be associated with such a project,” he said.
‘Son of Pakistan’ was also unique in the aspect that it promoted nationalism, rather than radical and volatile Islamism, which goes against India. In fact, Sikhs and Christian characters were shown in the film, and both of whom were protagonists. Rizvi tried his best to depict Pakistan as a hub of religious harmony. Not many would agree, but in a fictional film being produced by Lollywood, which often blames India for everything, and upholds an all-Muslim ideologue, this is original and if this trend catches on, it may push for change among people.

The most important part was that of the militants who live on the Pak-Afghan border, and are the true villains of the film. Abu Zayed (played by Babar Ali) who had the support of the West, Isaac (played by Shafqat Cheema). Also rather than the Pak Army as the tradition and typical heroes, Rizvi has shown ordinary cops to be the heroes. These ‘sons of Pakistan’ were SP Islam played by Chaudhry Hameed, and his brother Hussain played by Shamyl Khan. Of course there is a strong pun intended with regard to their names.
The songs and music of the film were also laudable. Though the film could not do without its typical song and dance routine, the songs were much less erotic and vulgar than for example a Pervaiz Rana film. The shots were much less suggestive, and in fact the music also seemed to be a progression in terms of composition, and arrangement.

Once again, though the camera work was shaky, and in some points in the film the horizon was tilting, it was impressive that almost all the shots were framed very well, with excellent lighting in all areas, indoors and outdoors.

The lighting was smooth and soft, rather than harsh or overly dim.

If there was one area where the film did not make it, it was the script and the screenplay. The script and dialogues were extremely tedious, using long formal words and language, which were overly bookish, and not colloquial enough; many long speeches were not delivered properly by actors, while at one point the film dragged because of being stretched too much. All in all, the film was a commendable effort by Rizvi and his crew at least for a start.

Rizvi is hoping to work on another film with a nationalist twist called ‘Maili Aankh’.

Article from :

‘The Dusk’ eyes worldwide release in January 2012

LAHORE - Wajahat Kazmi’s film ‘The Dusk’ will be releasing in January 2012 world over in various film festivals, while in Pakistan the film will be released by February, he said in an exclusive interview with Pakistan Today. Kazmi, whose cousin Zeeshan is directing the film says that the film was a middle budget film (USD 95,000) and incorporated a completely new crew, to revive the film industry of Pakistan. But he refused to be connected in any way with Lollywood. “We are independent film makers, who are not connected with Lollywood, no one has heard about us, and we had no sources to support us through the project,” said Wajahat in his typical candid style of talking.

The film is about a doctor who is kidnapped some days after his wedding. He goes missing, and it is his journey that is followed along with his return back home and the circumstances he faces. “It is inspired by cases of missing people with similarities to Dr Aafia’s case, but it is not based by any one person’s story,” Wajahat clarified. “It is a film showing Pakistan in a post 9/11 scenario, and it will be a bit controversial because we have taken a bold stance about the American role in ruining our country with drone attacks and so many missing people,” he said. “No one has shown Pakistan being subject to drone attacks, so ours will be the first film in the world to do this. Also no one dwells on missing people and the horror their family faces and what everyone feels once they return after being tortured.”

He says that besides this, he has also tried to show the media’s role in the entire process. “We all know what politicians are, so I did not need to show their corruption and involvement, but I want to show the media anchors that pose and garner respect on TV yet in reality they are nothing by pawns and touts of different parties.” The film took about a year to shoot. It has been shot in many locations including Gujrat, Kashmir, Lahore and Islamabad. Unfortunately however, the film’s release is still uncertain in Pakistan thanks to the monopoly of a few groups in the censor and license boards. “I am not really unhappy about this because India has shown interest in buying the film and we are ready to sell it. We are not going to run after the censor board and distributors. If this film is released in India and not here, they themselves will be at a loss.” Release dates will be finalised by the first week of January 2012, he said.

MISSING! Veena Malik disappears from film sets

MUMBAI: After courting severe backlash for her controversial nude photo shoot with FHM magazine, starlet Veena Malik has mysteriously gone missing from her Mumbai residence.

Apparently, Veena’s business manager Prateik Mehta and filmmaker Hemant Madhukar revealed that Veena is untraceable since the morning of December 16. Veena was shooting for a horror flick ‘Mumbai 125 kilometres’ in Goregoan (West) before disappearing.

Talking to a daily, Hemant said, “Veena, without giving her last shot at 5 am for my film ‘Mumbai 125 kilometres’, suddenly disappeared from her vanity van. Her mobile too was not reachable I assumed that the actress was tired and left for home.”

However, Hemant received an SMS from Veena, which disclosed that the actress was depressed and unwell. After almost twelve hours of the incident, Prateik and Hemant discovered that Veena was missing.

“Today we had a couple of shots with Veena but I realised that her phones are still switched off and she has also not communicated with her manager since then which is indeed serious. Veena normally is very chirpy and full of life on the sets but from past few days she looked depressed. Hope she is fine.” added Hemant.

Hemant and Veena’s manager have approached the local Bandra Police to help them find Veena Malik.

17 December 2011 :::: Showbiz news from Today's NewsPaper ::::

Showbiz news from
Today's NewsPaper
17 December 2011

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Veena Malik Interview On Hum Log (Samaa Tv)

Hum log Dec 10, 2011 SAMAA TV 1/4

Hum log Dec 10, 2011 SAMAA TV 2/4

Hum log Dec 10, 2011 SAMAA TV 3/4

Hum log Dec 10, 2011 SAMAA TV 4/4

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