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Saturday, December 10, 2011

10 December 2011 :::: Showbiz news from Today's NewsPaper ::::

Showbiz news from
Today's NewsPaper
10 December 2011

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Monday, December 5, 2011

Laaj (2003) {Urdu} {Movies Online}

Film: Laaj (2003)
Starring: Imran Urooj, Zara Sheikh, Nirma, Resham, Talat Hussain, Rashid Mehmood, Usman Mughal, Afshan Qureshi, James Kavaz, Pat Kilman.
Music: Amjad Bobby
Directed By: Rauf Khalid

 Ignorant of the fact that the world was preparing for a brutal war, a young girl fell in love with a young man in British-ruled India . This is the story of true love, bravery and sacrifice, and the reality of a clash of norms and beliefs. This is also the history of the people who gave their lives to protect their honour. 

Rauf Khalid shot to prominence as a filmmaker with the 1995 super-hit serial "Angaarwadi" on Pakistan Television which portrayed the struggle for rights and human dignity in the disputed region of Kashmir . Co-produced and co-directed by Khalid, the success of "Angaarwadi" allowed the new filmmaker to direct and produce another epic drama for television set in Kashmir , starring Zeba Bakhtiar. "Laaj" is his debut on the silver

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Bhatt advises Veena to sue FHM magazine

Pakistani actor Veena Malik has triggered off a controversy on both sides of the border.

Pakistani actor Veena Malik, who allegedly posed nude for FHM India magazine with the initials of Pakistan’s feared and powerful intelligence agency on her arm (ISI), has triggered off a controversy on both sides of the border.
While Veena is claiming that she has been taken for a ride, the editor of the FHM magazine, Kabeer Sharma, has gone on record to state that Malik had done everything with her full consent.
Mahesh Bhatt, who was recently in the news for having cast Sunny Leone in ‘Jism 2,’ has now spoken to both parties to ascertain what the confusion is all about.
“I had never spoken to Veena before and didn’t know her at all. But since so much is being said about her shoot and I too have been asked to share my views on it, I decided to speak to her. She was surprised to get my call and told me that though she had told a shoot but had never been so bold. She felt she was being victimized and that people were believing that she has done something like this because of her otherwise controversial persona. I told her three things – If you feel you are being violated, don’t take anything lying down. Send a legal notice to the magazine. I also asked her to get her PR to take charge and inform her side of the story to the media. Unless she does that, the media will continue writing about her because nothing is more exciting today than a sexual scandal. I have also asked her to get in touch with the joint commissioner of police in Mumbai,” Bhatt says.
Meanwhile, Bhatt has also spoken to the editor of the magazine. “Kabeer told me that the Veena had indeed shot for the magazine. He also forwarded me another photograph of Veena from the shoot. The photograph that has been doing the rounds is tame and the one sent to me was bolder with portions of her breast visible. However, I saw the photo on my Blackberry and have no way to ascertain whether it morphed or not,” Bhatt adds.
But does he believe that a nude photoshoot can be a product of photoshop work? To this Bhatt says, “I remember a time when my daughter, Pooja, was involved in such a scandal. After that whole incident, IK Gujral had then told me that though we used to believe that a picture doesn’t lie, it’s time to junk that phrase now. I think, instead of taking a stand we need to first ask photoshop experts to ascertain when Veena’s picture is morphed or not. While every individual has the right to express any craving in front of the world, it’s also a fact that every civilization has its own dos and don’ts.”

04 December 2011 :::: Showbiz news from Today's NewsPaper ::::

Showbiz news from
Today's NewsPaper
04 December 2011