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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Nation Awakes, Pakistan’s first superhero film

Pakistani films have been about love, romance, action, comedy and even terrorism and social issues embedded deep in our system, but never have we seen a film based on comics or sci-fi superheroes.

With a huge budget (Rs200 to Rs250 million) backing its production, Nation Awakes is about to break this trend and will serve to be the country’s first superhero feature film.
“The basic concept of the film is that it is not a normal superhero movie — we are trying to take a different route by exploring Pakistan’s current scenario,” says producer Aamir Sajjad, who is also playing the role of the superhero in the film. “A superhero in that context [of Pakistan] will be one who aims to preserve humanity on a global level.”
“We have constructed the story so that it focuses on the life of a superhero from the time he is with his foster parents; we won’t go into the details of where he comes from or his background,” says Sajjad, who owns an expansive collection of comic book collectibles — over a hundred items from films such as Iron Man and several others.

Sajjad further reveals the role of the superhero has been moulded to fit his own self and although he has minimal experience in the realms of acting, he says the film is a serious venture. “Since the comic culture is so limited here in Pakistan, we figured it would be more logical to make a film first as compared to a graphic novel,” he says, adding that they are ensuring the best technology is used to make the film worthy of international viewing.

With Nation Awakes, Sajjad is hoping a broader culture of comics could be introduced to the Pakistani audiences. With the launch of this film in June in a Comic-Con styled event in Karachi, Sajjad reveals the officially registered event will showcase comic-related items as well as the movie itself.

“The whole idea is that we want to develop an adequate pop culture in Pakistan that respects comics,” he continues. “And in the future, we want to promote graphic artists so that eventually we have a thriving comic-culture.” Sajjad also owns a company on the sides which promotes comic-related collectibles and products. With the release of this film, he plans on collaborating with leading comic institutions such as Marvel in the future.

Nation Awakes, a bilingual film (larger portion of the script in English and smaller portion in Urdu) will be filmed in 12 different countries and the characters have been developed according to the latest graphic technologies in the US and other countries. Renowned composer Sahir Ali Bagga will be doing the film’s music.

The film is still in its initial stages and 80% of its scripting is complete, reveals the film’s director, Umair Nasir Ali. “Aamir has been fascinated with the concept of making a superhero film with Pakistan’s scenario in mind,” says Ali. “While Hollywood has Spiderman and Batman and India has Ra.One and Krish, he thought the work should begin on something that represents Pakistan.”

The film’s casting is scheduled to begin in April which will then be followed by a small teaser release in June.

Mehreen Syed tied the knot with Ahmed Sheikh

Air hostess-turned-model Mehreen Syed has recently tied the knot with business tycoon Ahmed Sheikh of Azgard 9 Textiles in Lahore.

Sources reveal to The Express Tribune that her intimate Nikkah ceremony was a magical affair done in white, with all the guests adorning white outfits. Mehreen herself looked ethereal in a white outfit designed by Mehdi. The event was attended by personalities from the modeling world such as Iffat Omer, Shehzad of Ather Shehzad, Neha and Saba of La Chanetelle and Ahmed Sheikh’s immediate family. The ring exchange took place earlier, and the model is rumoured to be sporting a six carat diamond rock on her finger.

Mehreen started her career in early 2000 and has made a name for herself in the world of fashion. Currently one of the show stoppers for all leading designers at fashion weeks, Mehreen also runs a modeling academy under the name of International Fashion Academy of Pakistan.

Veena Malik goes Dirty for “The Dirty Picture”

Silk Sakkath Maga director Trishul had earlier stated that his biopic of Silk Smitha will be different from The Dirty Picture. The movie has apparently already managed to create a furore and also received criticism from some social activist groups. has exclusive rights for these bold film stills and videos of the making of the film. It includes the Pakistani import Veena Malik’s item numbers and some intimate kissing scenes with co-star Akshay. The starlet has gone several steps ahead of Vids and given new meaning to raunchiness.

WARNING! 18+ Content.
 This post is unsuitable for anyone under 18 years of Age.

Living on the Edge (S4) (21th Feb) (Ep 4)

Watch Living on the Edge, Season 4 - 21th Feb – Episode 4

Friday, February 22, 2013

Madventures – 22nd Feb 2013 (Ep 1)

Madventures – 22nd Feb 2013 (Ep 1)

1st Episode Score Broad
Total Games = 2
Pakistan Won = 2
India Won      =0
Note: "One Game is Equal to 100 Points"

Danger Zone
Ayesha Toor
Madiha Iftikhar
Zeba Ali

Shafaq Naaz
Priyal Gor
Leena Jumani

Elimination = 0

1st Episode Winner Pakistan

22 February 2013 :::: Showbiz news from Today's NewsPaper

Showbiz news from
Today's NewsPaper
22 February 2013

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Siyaah Releasing in Theaters on 15th March - Nationwide

'Siyaah' the movie - Official Second Teaser-Trailer

'Siyaah' The Movie --   Second OST

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Sahiba makes comeback after 15 years

LAHORE: Actress Sahiba has come back into movies after 15 years.  Actor Shan’s new production “Saya-e-Zuljilal” has forced Sabiha to make a comeback as she is playing an important role in the film. After getting married to Afzal Khan (Jan Rambo) Sahiba had left the industry for good but then she was seen back on Television mostly with her husband and then later on she was seen hosting a morning show.  According to sources, Shan had asked for special permission to get Sahiba in his movie.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Pakistan's Next Mega Star - Episode 1 - 16th February 2013

PNMS - Ep 1 - 16th Feb (Single Link)

PNMS - Ep 1 - 16th Feb(Parts)

Madventures (Starting From 22nd Feb At 9:00PM)

 Pakistani Contestents

Indian Contestents

Madventures (Teasers)