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Friday, November 8, 2013

Fawad Khan to star opposite Sonam Kapoor in Bollywood Remake of "Khubsoorat"

Fawad Khan’s performance as the handsome and brooding Ashar in TV show Humsafarmade him not just a national heartthrob but  also seems to have got him attention across the border. Like others before him, Fawad is now headed to Bollywood!
The actor will be seen in a lead role opposite Sonam Kapoor in the Hindi re-make of 1980s Hrishikesh Mukherjee film Khubsoorat.
The film tells the breezy tale of an extrovert – a feisty girl (played by Sonam) who brings about changes in the regimented atmosphere of a household controlled firmly by its overbearing matriarch, according to
While Sonam plays the motor-mouth, Fawad will expectedly play the bachelor who falls for her. We cannot wait to see the on-screen chemistry between these absolutely gorgeous people!
Rumour has it that Alia Bhatt was chosen to play the female lead but has now been replaced by Sonam, according to Oye! Times.
The shooting of Khubsoorat has already begun in Rajasthan. The film is being directed by Shashanka Ghosh and produced by Sonam’s father Anil Kapoor.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Waar's Indian release hangs in the balance

KARACHI: In India, curiosity about Waar has doubled since Ram Gopal Varma’s adulatory tweets. If it wasn’t enough that the film’s bad guys are RAW agents unleashing terror attacks on Pakistan, RGV’s public admiration – “Indian film-makers should get off our assumed high horses and look at Pakistani films seriously” – definitely got our friends across the border intrigued.
As frantic journalists, film critics and cinema lovers press their Pakistani counterparts to send over DVDs, Bilal Lashari addresses speculations surrounding his film’s release in India.

Bhai Jan waar ka DVD le Kar aana ( pirated bhi chalega ) mein paharganj se pick up kar lunga aapko aapka rab ka wasta bhool mat Jana :):)

Finally watched Brilliant production. Too much English and skin for a local movie

@Qwintessentwit I wanna see Waar - @jehan_ara get me a DVD when you come in Feb - I am chairing the NASSCOM ILF event this year by the way !
“I have not approached anyone specifically for distribution in India, but I cannot give any more details on that for now,” Lashari tells The Express Tribune. Given the theme of the film and the perception that ‘Waar shows India as cause of nation’s problems’, the director says, “I have no idea how people will react, but it would be great if it ends up being screened. A lot of people are saying it’s never going to happen.”
Bollywood films depicting military or intelligence agents from Pakistan – such as Ek Tha Tiger and Agent Vinod – have traditionally not passed the local censor board filters. Lashari feels Waar could meet a similar fate. “I would love to show the film as it is,” he says. “I think it would get a very interesting reaction. I am curious to know how people will react to it – I don’t think they should react badly.”
The director remains adamant in his refusal to remove scenes. “I won’t be cutting out any scenes because I can’t think of a way around it,” he says. “I think we have been very subtle,” he says, referring to the portrayal of RAW agents Ramal and Laxmi, who mastermind major terror plots in Waar. “We will probably take out some words. The censor board is yet to see the film. They will watch the unedited version and propose edits. We will amend it accordingly as there is no harm in toning it down for that one market.”
Seriously, though – why Indian agents?
Lashari hints that the inclusion of Indian agents in the storyline made the story more “interesting”. “It could have been any other [villain]. But the specific Indian element made it more interesting,” he admits. “I knew people would be intrigued but never thought it would be taken as seriously as it has.”
While he is aware that it has irked those across the border, he relates an incident at a bookstore, where a group of people approached him with compliments. “They were really happy. One of them said ‘Finally humari taraf se bhi jawab gaya’,” he said, referring to Bollywood’s negative portrayal of Pakistan’s institutions.
“It’s not the reaction I was expecting, but at the same time a part of me thinks there is no harm. They make films like these too, so here is the first from our end. If people are enjoying Waar as a rebuttal, then that’s okay too.
Given the tense relations between India and Pakistan and recent skirmishes on the LoC, the director is aware that the message of Waar may not be warmly welcomed by Indian audiences. “The question is whether they will take it as being just a film. People need to realise this is entertainment – not a documentary. The film is not against the people of India,” he says.
“The tricky part is the notion of so-called ISPR involvement in the film. If that’s the perception India wants to maintain, then it can be taken as more than just a film,” he continues, adding, “I’ve given up trying to convince people that there is no ISPR involvement in the script or characters. But that would make things boring wouldn’t it?”
When asked how he feels about Varma watching a pirated DVD of Waar, Lashari laughs. “I don’t feel so great about it. We are working on an international release so pirated DVDs obviously don’t help. But I did ask him if it was a good pirated version,” he laughs. “I don’t want people watching a sh***y version.”
He adds that he called RGV himself. “I was sick of people telling me about the tweets so I thought I would get in touch and make sure it is him,” he shares. “Turns out it was. We had a really good conversation for 15 to 20 minutes. I wanted to accuse him of hijacking my life!”
As unlikely as it may seem, Lashari hopes to see his film release in India. “If it does get screened, the release in India will be limited. It will not be a mainstream release

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Pakistani director Bilal Lashari hopes to bring 'Waar' in India' (Bollywood Hungama Article)

A section of media may have termed his film as anti-India. However,31 year old debutant director Bilal Lashari believes that a lot is being read between the lines without much ado. Though he confesses that there is a subtle hint of select Indian characters causing trouble in Pakistan, Bilal re-emphasises that his is not a propaganda film and has to be looked as a 'high quality' entertainer.

"Even I was amazed when I came across an entire 15 minute long video feature that insinuated that Waar was anti-India. That is not the case. It is a patriotic film and that's about it. As a matter of fact a few amongst those who have seen the film wondered why the Indian angle was so subtle. They felt that I should have been a lot more vocal. However that's not the way I wanted to narrate the story of Waar. If you run an agenda like this for a film, it won't necessarily form connect with the audience. There is a lot more that needs to go in a story than throw in pointers that are provocative," says Bilal from Pakistan. 

Though the promo of Waar never once calls out India as the 'dushmanmulk', the fact that Indian intelligence RAW features prominently in Bilal's film has made a few suspicious around the eventual content. Ironically, the film has been released only in Pakistan so far and hence the only possible source of anyone forming an opinion of any sorts was via pirated copies or online download of illegal software. 

"We are now looking at the film being released internationally so that it reached out to a larger set of audience and its true worth is seen," says Bilal whose film is enjoying an IMDB rating of over 9 and after beating the opening day record of Chennai Express, is also the highest Pakistani film grosser ever. 

When questioned about the probability of film making it to the Indian theatres despite its volatile content, Bilal says, "I am hopeful that happens. I don't see any reason why that should be a problem. We are in talks with distributors internationally." 

It is also expected though that Waar may be chopped heavily, if at all it makes it to India, with Censors coming tough on it. 

Bilal continues in a soft spoken tone, "As I said earlier, the film has a lot to tell on it's own than focus on any agenda or propaganda. I am willing to make adjustments to the copy that reaches India." 

Considering the fact that at least two Pakistani films in last few years, Bol and Khuda Kay Liye, have made a terrific impact with Indian audience, Waar could well be a welcome addition.

Exclusive First Look of Danish Taimoor's "JALAIBEE"

Redrum Films in association with Sarmad Films & Jaswal Films 
Presenting "JALAIBEE"

New feature film "Jalaibee" under production in Islamabad.

Starring: Danish Taimoor, Ali Safina, Uzair Jaswal, Zahlay Sarhadi, Waqar Ali Khan and many more!

 Zahlay will be seen in very bold avatar
Jalaibee Coming Soon

Monday, November 4, 2013

19 days of Waar means a business of 25 crore (gross).

Waar has been on a record breaking spree ever since it hit cinemas.  First  ”All records were shattered as Waar collected 1.8 crore on the first day.”
Then “Waar packed a punch and collected 13 crore (gross) in its first week.” Now it has been 19 days since Waar released and it has raked in 25 crore ( gross) and 16.6 crore (net). If this is not huge then I dont know what is.
Here is the day wise breakup. Also check out my post “ 8 Reasons you should get yourself a Waar ticket right away.

1st day  ( Wednesday) :  1.15 cr (net)
2nd day (Thursday):       1.51 cr(net)
3rd day  (Friday):            1.46 cr (net)
4th day ( Saturday):       1.53 cr (net)
5th day ( Sunday):         1.36 cr (net)
6th day (Monday):         0.66cr (net)
7th day(Tuesday):         0.63cr (net)
8th day( Wednesday):   0.56 cr (net)
9th day(Thursday):        0.59cr (net)
1st Week=                    9.45 crore (net)
10th day (Friday):        0.71 cr (net)
11th day ( Saturday):  1.11 cr (net)
12th day (Sunday):     1.08 cr (net)
13th day (Monday):     0.55cr (net)
14th day(Tuesday):     0.49cr (net)
15th day( Wednesday: 0.50 cr (net)
16th day(Thursday):    0.47cr(net)
2nd week =               4.91 crore (net)
Total (Week 1+2)= 14.36 crore(net)
17th day (Friday):  0.44cr (net)
18th day ( Saturday):  0.91 cr (net)
19th day (Sunday): 0.85cr(net) * approximately
Total : 19 Days   16.6 crore* approximately

8 Reasons you should get yourself a Waar ticket right away.

You don’t want to miss all this:- ( In no particular order)
1. This dance sequence between Shamoon Abbasi and Meesha Shafi.

I mean can’t you feel all the intensity and the passion.
 2. This fight sequence between Shaan and Shamoon Abassi is one of the highlights of the film.

Specially when Shaan goes all Kung Fu
3. Sorry but Kamran Lashari’s accent has to be on the list. I mean the film was in Engish and everyone stuck to their Pakistani accents (except for Ayesha of course) but Mr Lashari here had an accent you just have to experience.
 4. This motivational speech by Hamza Abbasi and the scene that follows is amongst the best scenes in the film. Gives you goosebumps.

 Plus this scene brought back some Game of Thrones memories back too. Close enough?
 5. The Urdu subtitles are just too good. Did you know that “full of shit ” means ” tum andar say khokhlay ho”? Some translations are just too good.
6. The killer cinematography, the camera work. The film is a visual treat. Look at all these stills from the movie.

 7. Personally I am a fan of violence, explosions and gore and this film is full of it and the reason it’s on this list is that  the quality of all these scenes is worth noting. I mean Pakistan has never really been know for its  graphics and all. But Waar is sure to change that!

 8. All in all this film is full of talented people. From the actors to the incredible director Bilal Lashari (who also makes a blink and you’ll miss temperance). We should all go see this film and support Pakistani cinema!

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Operation 021 Pakistani Upcoming Action Movie - Behind The Scenes Pictures

After the huge success of Pakistani movie Waar, here comes the latest movie called Operation 021 by One Motion Pictures. The leading role is being played by Shaan Shahid along with Amina Sheikh and Iman Ali. The Operation 021 is using the latest tech and gadgets to make international level Spy-Action Thriller movie for Pakistan. See all the behind the scenes pictures after the jump.
                  Operation 021 - HD Trailer #2

Zeba Bakhti­ar (President, One Motion Pictures) and her son Azan Sami Khan (CEO, One Motion Pictures) are producing the movie in collaboration with Australian director Summer Nicks.

Operation 021 - Behind The Scenes:

Music for the upcoming film Kaptaan is out!

Download it now from iTunes, CDBaby and Spotify. You can also buy it from Amazon stores on 10th December.

All soundtracks are produced by Farhan Zameer, and the original soundtracks are composed by him. The album also features some very talented artists like Abbas Ali KhanKashif Naveed, Khadim Hussain, Rakae Jamil, Tehseen W. Chishty and Naaqi Ali Khaan.

We really hope you’d like the album, so please download it and leave a feedback. We’ll also announce the release date for film very soon, but till then, enjoy the music.

Here are the links to buy music:

Amazon: (Available after 10 December, 2013)

1. "The Great Khan (Intro)" Farhan Zameer
2. "Allah Hoo" Farhan Zameer
3. "Meri Jaan Pakistan" Rakae Jamil, Tehseen W. Chishty
4. "Mere Humsafar" Abbas Ali Khan, Farhan Zameer
5. "Kaptaan (The Legend)" (Instrumental) Farhan Zameer
6. "Zikar" Kashif Naveed, Khadim Hussain, Farhan Zameer
7. "Maa" Farhan Zameer
8. "Lost Motherland" (Instrumental) Farhan Zameer
9. "Yaad Piya Kee" Naqqi Ali Khan
10. "The Revolution" (Instrumental) Farhan Zameer
11. "Zikar (Version 2)" Abbas Ali Khan, Farhan Zameer, Rakae Jamil

We’d like to thank TechDigital (Lahore) and Hummingbird Studio (Dubai) for technical facilities.

NOTE: Some of the soundtracks are not featured in this preview, you can listen to the previews from the websites you’re buying.