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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Love Mein Ghum (Video Songs)

Love Mein Ghum Title Song

Illa Illa Illa

Kitni Haseen Hai Zindagi

Jaadu Bhari

Sohniye Yaadan

10 September 2011 :::: Showbiz news from Today's NewsPaper ::::

Showbiz news from
Today's NewsPaper
10 September 2011
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Friday, September 9, 2011

09 September 2011 :::: Showbiz news from Today's NewsPaper ::::

Showbiz news from
Today's NewsPaper
09 September 2011
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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Cinemas come back to life

Cinema owners are happy that shows are selling out for the first time in years. PHOTOS: NEFER SEHGAL/EXPRESS TRIBUNE
Outside the dingy and old Metropole cinema in Lahore, for the first time in years, huge crowds showed up for the premiere of Pakistani films Bhai LogLove Mein Ghum and Jugni. The quality and effort put in the films contributed to what the producers claim was a successful run for Pakistani films that were released this Eid. “We have not had this much rush in years,” commented Ashraf who works at the ticket sale office at Metropole cinema. “Most of our shows are selling out for the first time in years.”
The huge rush is largely credited to the release of Bhai Log, which has turned out to be a local hit at most single-screen cinemas. According to Chaudhry Ijaz Kamran, the film’s producer, Bhai Log earned over RS9.7million in the first three days of its release, with many claiming it is the ‘highest grossing (Lollywood) film of the decade’. Syed Faisal Bukhari, who made his directorial debut with Bhai Log, feels the success of the film proves that Pakistan can produce quality films; “It was important that we proved that we could also make a quality film.” However, Bukhari rues that many multiplexes failed to give the film adequate screening, showing it at awkward times – for instance at  9am and 2pm.
The film, which revolves around the gangs of Karachi and the prevailing terror situation in the city, is easy to relate to  and the action in it makes it interesting for the younger lot as well. Muhammad Atif, a young boy from a middle-class family, who was in line for tickets to the film, said: “This is something we enjoy as it’s got a lot of action. It’s an outing for us boys.”
Sheikh Adeel Imtiaz, the owner of Bambino Cinema, Karachi – which only screened Love Mein Ghum and Bhai Log – claimed that while Bhai Log did well, the former received a rather cold response; “It’s all about Bhai Log and more and more people are coming to watch it, overshadowing Love Mein Ghum’s chances, probably because the latter is more of a family entertainer and Bhai Log is action-packed.”
However, in certain high-end multiplex cinemas, the situation has been slightly different as Reema Khan’s Love Mein Ghum was relatively more popular than Bhai Log.  Nadeem Mandviwalla, a known film distributor and also the owner of Lahore’s DHA cinema, noticed that Bhai Log was not as successful in some multiplexes because of two different viewing classes. He said that action films typically did not work in the multiplex audiences, claiming that the divide in audience’s tastes was visible in other countries as well. “Even in places like America and India, there are films that target certain audiences,” explained Mandviwalla. This divide, he says could be called ‘old school’ (which focuses on single screen cinemas) and the ‘new school’ (focusing on multiplexes). He also added that for films that are able to crossover would be massive hits in both markets – something very few films are able to do across the world.
However, despite the ‘relative’ success of these films, insiders have revealed that Indian films still managed to pull a larger audience. Even this week, Bodyguard – featuring Salman Khan and Kareena Kapoor in the lead roles – saw housefuls while the cinemas screeningLove Mein Ghum, were filled to only 80 per cent of their capacity. “Like the past two years, this time around also, Eid belonged to Salman Khan as we are still getting back-to-back housefuls forBodyguard,” said Asim Qureshi, Manager Operations Atrium Cinemas, Karachi.
Overall, most cinema owners seemed to be basking in glory due to the recovery of business after Ramazan, with some sharing the opinion that cinemas have properly benefited from the Eid season after quite some time, citing it as a good sign for cinema revival.

Published in The Express Tribune, September 8th, 2011.

Lollywood Eid Releases: Initial Public Reaction

This Eid can safely be called as “Eid of The Decade” for Pakistan film Industry. Not only Reema and Syed Faisal Bukhari were largely appreciated for their national language mega films, but unlike previous times; regional movies on this Eid were also applauded by their respective markets.
Love Mein Ghum by Reema Khan, Jugni by Syed Noor and Syed Faisal Bukhari’s action packed Bhai Log were amongst the top releases of Eid-ul-Fitr this year. Actor Arbaz Khan’s self directed Pushto film Baazigar also managed to pull a decent crowd in KPKH province, while other regional films failed to impress.
Although people had already made speculations about the Box office fate of three of these Lollywood Eid treats, but post release reports are always fun and interesting. So lets check out how people actually responded to these revival efforts for Pakistani cinema by some of the real patriots of this industry.
If you found that last sentence of previous paragraph a bit extra fervid, then just Relax! Because we were actually connecting that sentence with film Bhai Log that has been tagged same since it is released.
Bhai Log was one of the most anticipated movies of this year, and as expected; the movie managed to pull a huge crowd toward cinemas, the best part is that it’s still running quite successfully all over Pakistan, leading the other two Eid releases of industry. One major reason behind this success could be film’s ‘Action’ genre. We already have a established fact here that all over world action films account for a very huge market and just recently we saw a bumper success of Bollywood action film Singham on subcontinental Box office.
Despite getting mostly positive reviews and doing a huge business of more than a crore before its first release week, many are calling it to have an ‘Extra Patriotic’ feel. People are of the view that Patriotism was really exaggerated and story would have scored quite well without it. Music of the film has also failed to impress while action sequences, direction, over all acting and quality of the movie is appreciated most.  All in all, it could be called as one fine effort by Syed Faisal Bukahri and now all eyes are on his next film project with quite a same genre named Saltanat.
Love Mein Ghum with its romantic-drama touch also attracted a huge crowd and received mostly mixed to positive reviews. Its interesting to mention here that according Galaxy Lollywood polls; LMG had the public approval ratio of almost 93% before its release while Bhai Log was standing far behind LMG with only 75% pre-release approval ratio. But quite opposite to which, even after crossing the business mark of one crore before its first release week, LMG is surprisingly said to be standing behind Bhai Log and facing a tough competition from Syed Noor’s Punjabi flick Jugni.
Although acting has been appreciated a lot in the movie, but people generally seems to be unhappy with the character space given to legendry Nadeem Baig and Indian comedy king Johnny Lever, and both are termed to be waisted in the movie. Besides this, as per public reviews and inside reports received by Galaxy Lollywood; Reema’s self-portraying factor in the film has also been criticized by industry insiders and general public.
Apart from all this, shooting locations, story, production quality and specifically the acting and return of Jia Ali in films have received some encouraging remarks.
Its very much relevant to mention here that as per cinematic facts and figures, Love Mein Ghum is noticed to be more popular towards the urban side of the country than the rural one and specially at multiplexes and the potential audience of the film has proved to be mostly families. Where as Bhai Log on the other hand has managed to target mostly the young audience and that too largely at single screen cinemas.
Besides two of them, another movie that has proved to be quite a crowd puller is Syed Noor’s Punjabi flick Jugni. Not only the cast value and past score of Syed Noor at Punjabi cinema is proving to be helpful in attracting people at large numbers toward cinemas, but the music of the movie has also made quite a mark in its target market.
As Galaxy Lollywood wasn’t really following the film because of the language policy, we would like not to comment on the public reaction it has received so far. But one thing that has been confirmed by our sources is that movie has not only crossed the mark of one crore at Box office but is also giving a tough competition to Reema Khan’s Love Mein Ghum.
Galaxy Lollywood congratulates the film-makers for the tremendous success their films have received so far and wish best of luck for the future of the movies. We sincerely believe that these films will not only be restricted to Pakistan but will also be hopefully showcased in international market.

08 September 2011 :::: Showbiz news from Today's NewsPaper ::::

Showbiz news from
Today's NewsPaper 
08 September 2011
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E! News (Date:-08 Sep 2011)

E! News (Date:-08 Sep 2011) Daily Updates

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Digital poster of Sean Ali’s Fatima

The Sean Ali Film Fatima releases online digital poster.
Fatima The Movie created history for the Pakistani media. The film team has now become the pioneers in Pakistan to make the first digital poster after Indian Bollywood YRF releasing film Ek Tha Tiger’s Digital Poster.Film shooting is over, editing in process & expected releasing of Fatima in October 2011.

Fatima – The Movie OST’s

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

06 September 2011 :::: Showbiz news from Today's NewsPaper ::::

Showbiz news from
Today's NewsPaper
06 September 2011

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Monday, September 5, 2011

05 September 2011 :::: Showbiz news from Today's NewsPaper ::::

Showbiz news from
Today's NewsPaper
05 September 2011

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Bol Movie Reviewed by various Online media and Websites

Shoaib Mansoor‘s much awaited and most hyped, BOL movie, has now been finally released in India, UK, USA, Canada and many other parts of the World. BOL has also successfully managed to attract the masses and media outlets, as the movie reviews are getting published back to back.
In this post, we have gathered the excerpts of all major reviews done by various online Indian websites and magazines. This will indeed give you an idea as howBOL is being seen in neighboring country and worldwide, post its release. So here we go:
To see a Pakistani film that is better than most commercial Indian films, is embarrassing. “Bol”, despite its few flaws, becomes that minor masterpiece that eclipses Bollywood.

BOL is a courageous film that has the guts to expose issues plaguing the society. It raises questions, challenges the age-old customs and mirrors a reality most convincingly. A brilliant film embellished with bravura performances. Not to be missed!

Bol is a film that leaves us with a lot of unanswered questions about gender bias.

It highlights issues that are germane not just in Pakistan, but in many countries around the world.

Humaima Malik (Zainab) arguing with Manzar Sehbai (Hakeem Sahab)
The writing is riveting, and the dialogues in particular, are crisp, clear and caustic. Despite the serious demeanour of the film, the director infuses sporadic moments of unusual humour

Bol is a fantastic fare, entertaining and thought-provoking, but it should not have come in direct opposition to Hurricane Bodyguard

If not for the less publicity and average songs the film could have garnered much needed word of mouth pre-release. But with positive reviews pouring in, the film is sure to catch on the rage.

Atif Aslam with Mahira Khan and Hadiqa Kiani in BOL
Director Sohaib deserves applause for the subject he tackles. The script and screenplay are well crafted. His selection of cast is perfect and they all perform very well,

while the good intentions and a thought-provoking story go a long way in making Bol a remarkable film, the lengthy run time and a narrative that lags intermittently comes in the way of the film being truly enjoyable. It’s a good film, no doubt, but also slightly underwhelming in totality.
Posted on on 4th September 2011

Bhooli Hovi Daastan Hoon - Ary News Special (2-Sep-2011)

Bhooli Hovi Daastan Hoon -  Ary News Special (2-Sep-2011)
In Report -Interview of : 
Ghayoor Akhtar ( Field : TV, Film & Radio)
Legendary Actor Lehri (Filmstar)
Seema Begum (Film Actress)
Afzaal Ahmed (Filmstar)
Mehmood Khan (Stage Actor)
Arif Mehdi - Son of Legendary Mehdi Hasan Sahib (Singer)
Mansoor Akhter - Son of Late Moin Akhter (Actor, Comedian) 

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Pakistan Film Industry Kay Moujooda Halaat - Faisla Aap Ka (Samaa Tv)

Faisla Aap Ka (Samaa TV)
Guest : Syed Noor , Hassan Askari, Mussarat Shaheen, Pervaiz Rana and Silla Hussain
Topic : Pakistan Film Industry Kay Moujooda Halaat

Wohti Lai K Jani Aay (2010) (Punjabi) {Movies Online}

Wohti Lai K Jani Aay (2010)

Director : Syed Noor
Producer : Afzal Khan
StarCast : Shaan Shahid, Saima Noor, Ifthikar Thakur, Haya Ali,  Shafqaat Cheema, Mustafa Quershi, Amanat Chan, and Sekhawat Naaz