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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Chambaili (2013) - Story Synopsis

Story Synopsis
Set in Fiction, this is a story of a country called Mulke Khudadad and set in one of its city, Falakabad.

Within the city of Falakabad, the story mostly revolves around an area of the city called Yaadgaar Colony, which is an old historic district of pre-partition days.

The time line of the story shows that this country is increasingly drifting towards anarchy and civil strife and finds itself in dire straits. There has been no time as dark, stark and somber as a nation for Mulke Khudadad in its relatively short turbulent history. Political parties, leaders and lobbies all continue to be daggers drawn in pursuit of their own agenda.

Corruption has hit a record high, law and order has deteriorated- inflation and joblessness rule and political victimization and intolerance has become the order of the day. Deprivation and desperation is setting the tone for the voice of dissent. Confusion and chaos is finding voice in mainstream media leading to more disillusionment. The people of the country are kept occupied in waging a daily personal war for survival with no time for ideology or betterment of collective good

This is a story of courage, romance and sacrifice of a group of friends who are led by circumstances and incidences to find themselves at the crossroads of fate that pushes them towards changing the future of the country. Together they embark upon a journey to eventually form a Political Party with no experience, resources or background in Politics - and seemingly with no possible future.

Faced with Threats, Arrests, Cynicism and Rejections they continue to follow their dreams as `CHAMBAILI TEHREEK is launched. In its formative time, they come to a point and feel that nothing can be achieved, until the day when the Electoral reforms are announced that gives them a reason to continue with more vigor and fervor. 2013 Elections under the new electoral system does wonders and to everyone's surprise, `CHAMBAILI TEHREEK' wins by a sweeping margin, following which its elected President gives the famous and historic 'Freedom Speech'.

This is a story of Hope, Courage and Optimism of youth and the citizens of Mulke Kudadad who come together against all odds to defeat despondency so as to harness positive change and carve a better future for themselves and times to come.

Madventures – 12th April 2013 (Episode 8)

Madventures – 12th April (Ep 8)

Friday, April 12, 2013

Jugni (2011) (Punjabi) {Movies Online}

Jugni (2011)

Director : Syed Noor
Producer : Afzal Khan, Syed Noor
StarCast : Arif Lohar, Saima, Shaan Shahid, Moammar Rana
Rangeela, Nida Chaudhry

Complete Movie : 2 Hour - 40 Minutes - 14 Second

Living on the Edge (S4) (11th Apr) (Ep 11)

Living on the Edge, S4 - 11th April – Ep 11 (Vimeo Link)

Living on the Edge, S4 - 11th April – Ep 11 (Dailymotion Link)

Living on the Edge, S4 - 11th April – Ep 11  (Youtube Link)

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Veena Malik's Kannada upcoming film SILK 'Sakkath Hot' First Look

WARNING! 18+ Content.
 This post is unsuitable for anyone under 18 years of Age.

Tarang Housefull - Listen Online Songs | Planet Lollywood

Powerful voices and an item song – watch out for Ishq Khuda soundtrack!

Director Shehzad Rafique, whose latest project Ishq Khuda is still in production, feels grateful. “If any success comes out of this film, it’s because my team worked very hard – but if it fails, the blame will solely be mine to take,” he says in a fatherly tone.
The soundtrack of his upcoming film is making waves and the album includes the well-known and powerful voices of Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Shazia Manzoor and Sanam Marvi.
For his last project, Mohabbatein Sachiyyan, Rafique went all out and signed up some of India’s leading vocalists such as Sonu Nigam, Shreya Goshal, Sunidhi Chauhan and Richa Sharma. And now, for Ishq Khuda, Rafique has taken one of Lollywood’s oldest and renowned music directors, Wajahat Attray, on board.
“All the soundtracks I have directed over the years have included a tint of classical music,” Attray tells The Express Tribune. “I feel classical music is something which we just cannot ignore.” He admits that Rafique has gone the extra mile to make sure the audience gets to hear something fresh and new as far as the film’s music is concerned. “The option was there to return to India and produce the soundtrack,” he says, referring to the format ofMohabbatein Sachiyyan. “But we made a conscious decision to bring together a modern yet classical blend here.”
“Rafique puts a huge emphasis on his music, which has meant that no matter what type of film he is making the audience is receiving something fresh,” adds Attray.
The film maintains a classic Lollywood aesthetic and sound with high production value.  The shots are set in scenic mountainous locations, with Ahsan Khan seen in intimate scenes with co-stars Wiam Dhamani, Meera and Saima.
Most noticeable is the collaborative effort of Rahat and Manzoor for this film. For Manzoor,Ishq Khuda is her comeback into playback singing as it is her first soundtrack since she left the industry 12 years ago. The pairing is a dream combination for the composer, who gets to experiment with different somber and light moods. Incidentally, Manzoor’s return means a revisiting of the beginnings for Attray, who happened to be the first person to introduce her to film after she had made her big break on television.
“I met Shazia when she was starting out with a television show. I heard her voice and thought to myself, ‘here is someone that would definitely make an impact,’” says Attray. “The same year, I introduced her to film.” He also feels that her return is another sign that heralds better days for the local film industry.
Ishq Khuda’s soundtrack is definitely worth a listen, with tracks like Booaey Khol Bawan Deyand Do Nain Ghazali Marr Gaey standing out. The songs are aided by the capabilities of the two singers and showcase an innate competitiveness between them as they look to build on each other’s voices and reach for something memorable.
“People have asked why we have used only three artists, and my response to them is that these are songs that only Shazia and Rahat could have made worthwhile,” says Attray. “This is why we decided to use recording artists from here — talent here is the best in the world.”
Marvi’s only song on the album, Sauf  Supari Wala Paan, is something that fans should look out for. It is an item song, which stars Saima and features Shaan as well. “After a long time, we have an item song.  The way Sanam Marvi has handled it, the song will be a hit with the audiences,” says Attray.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Madventures – 5th April 2013 (Episode 7)

Madventures – 5th April 2013 (Ep 7)

7th Episode Score Broad
Total Scores

Total Games (7th Ep) = 2
Pakistan Won = 1
India Won      =1
Note: "One Game is Equal to 100 Points"

Elimination 0

7th Episode Winner Match Draw

Pakistan's Next Mega Star - Episode 7 - 6th April 2013

PNMS - Ep 7 - 6th April 2013