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Friday, January 18, 2013

Living On The Edge (Season 4) New Auditions Promo

Auditions 2013  LOTE fresh season

LIVING ON THE EDGE Trailer3 , Starting from 31st JAN 9PM
Season starting from 31st January, watch Every Thursday 9PM on ARY MUSIK

Good Songs Can Give Life to Lollywood: Fareeha Pervez

Making good songs can make hot movies in Lollywood Fareeha Pervaiz, known singer of Pakistan said that if good quality songs were shot then most probably the cinema of Pakistan could pick up! She added good songs could force people to watch movies and bring life into the Lollywood industry. Working on her new album, and getting ready for some international appearances Fareeha Pervaiz said that she is really sad about the current situation of Lolywood and wishes that soon the industry will pick up!

Atif Aslam sings a song for Yash Raj Films

Pakistani Super star singer Atif Aslam has sung a song for an upcoming Bollywood movie, scheduled to be released this year under the banner of Yash Raj Films.

Atif Aslam, who has given chart topping tracks to various Bollywood Movies, is still in high demand as he is getting one after another opportunity from Bollywood. Though, Atif has been a Tips boy since long , but this time he has got singing contract from another giant banner, i.e Yash Raj Films.
We have come to know through our sources that Atif Aslam will be adding his vocals to the soundtrack of new Yash Raj Films, “Mere Dad Ki Maruti”. Along with Atif Aslam, Mika Singh is taken on board for singing the tracks for the movie. The Music Director is none other than Sachin Gupta, who has produced Atif’s second album “Doorie”.
The movie genre is “comedy” and the star cast is all new, the only thing to proud is that he’s now got a chance to sing for Yash Raj Films. Previously, Ali Zafar has worked and released his music album “Jhoom”under the Y-Films Banner.

Dubai Based Actress Wiam Ammar Dahmani Signs 2nd Pakistani Movie

International Actress Wiam Ammar Dahmani who has been signed by director Farooq Mengal in his new movie “Hijrat” and has been given the main lead role. The main lead hero of the movie is Shehzad Javeed who will be co-starring with Wiam Ammar Dahmani.  Sources have also told Lollywood Cafe that 70% of the movie will be shot in London, UK and 30% will be done in Quetta and Balouchistan.  Other actors in the movie are Nouman Ejaz, Rabia Butt and Azra Aftab.  2 item songs of the film will be shot in India and the film will be distributed by Eros Entertainment. Actress Wiam Ammar Dahmani along with Shahzad Rafique the director of “Ishq Khuda” met Saima Noor (Lollywood actress) as well. Speaking to Media, Wiam Ammar Dahmani said that its her 2nd Pakistani Movie, first was Shahzad Rafique’s “Ishaq Khuda”.  Dhamani said that whenever she comes to Pakistan she feels like home and she does not miss her real home. She said that she was very happy to be working in the movie and she was excited meeting Saima Noor as well!

Wiam Ammar Dahmani with Saima Noor and Shahzad Rafique

Wiam Ammar Dahmani with Saima Noor

Lollywood will come back, Actor Nadeem

Actor Nadeem who is known to be the “Rock Hudson” of Pakistan and was known for her romantic roles in Lollywood movies, said yesterday that Lollywood will bounce back pretty soon! He added that there are some people who are still trying to bring the industry alive! Pakistan Film Producers Association has once again started their work with confidence and hopefully the results will be seen soon! With that he indicated that the new generation has started keeping their hopes on reviving the industry and hopefully we will be successful soon!

From the mohallas of Lahore: Zinda Bhaag to release end of 2013

A file photo of Naseeruddin Shah. PHOTO: PUBLICITY
Upcoming Punjabi/Urdu film Zinda Bhaag is now in its final stages of editing and is scheduled for international release at the end of 2013. Amongst other little known actors, the cast boasts the inclusion of Naseeruddin Shah.
“We had a clear idea,” says Meena Gaur who has co-written and co-directed the film with Farjad Nabi. “We wanted to emphasise on people’s everyday lives as opposed to the geo-political scenes of terrorism,” she adds. Gaur’s husband, well-known journalist Mahzar Zaidi, is the producer of the film.
“We wanted this film to be intimate and reflective of everyday life,” she explains, adding that the film is a result of two scripts that Farjad and her were researching. The story is about three boys who are looking to find success by leaving their country. It tackles the theme of illegal immigration and is set in the mohallas of Lahore. “We wanted to shoot the film in Pakistan, because the stories are from here,” says Zaidi.
Gaur explains how the story was born. “Setting out on a long research period, we started to document stories of people who had gone through the process of illegal immigration,” she says.
Zaidi explains that they held auditions for local, unknown actors who didn’t have much acting experience. “Despite being inexperienced, they are talented,” he said, referring to newcomers Sarfraz Ansari, Imranul Haq and Malik Aslam.
“We wanted this film to be reflective of the reality of young people in Lahore, so we wanted actors from those neighbourhoods,” says Gaur. “We are telling their stories.”
Gaur says film-making in Pakistan is difficult because there is a lack of trained personnel and technical equipment, which has forced them to bring people together from different places. She feels that while the making of the film itself is not an issue, “A major obstacle for film-makers in Pakistan is the marketing and distribution.”
“Here, a film-maker has to be involved in every aspect of film-making because the distribution of films is not structured. Hence, it is always a struggle to get your film on screen.”
Zaidi explains that on a broader level, problems with distribution can be explained by the fact that major distributors function more in the form of importers, and the reality is that there is limited space for Pakistani cinema even in Pakistan. The team that was brought in included individuals from India, who trained and assisted on technical aspects of the film.
“We have film importers, not old-style distributors as once seen in Pakistan,” says Zaidi.
“The professionals we got from India understand the language and culture, so they can speak to the local crew; they have imparted a lot of knowledge to us,” he adds. “The crew we worked with is now working on other films as we speak.”
Zinda Bhaag promises a soundtrack that will include music directed by Sahir Ali Bagga and songs by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Arif Lohar and Amanat Ali to name a few.

Nation Awakes Teaser Poster (2013)


Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Mona Lizza (Sarah Loren)’s new Pakistani film “Anjuman”

Actress Mona Lizza (Sarah Loren)’s Pakistani film “Anjuman” is a remake of the old Pakistani film “Anjuman.” Loren’s role is that if a call girl which was played by the Late actress Rani. Loren is busy these days in Karachi shooting for her movie. Recently Loren was in the news for her Bollywood movie, Murder 3 and the speculations over her name change.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Filmstar Noor’s Husband Dismay Over Her Acting

Pakistani Lollywood Star Noor’s husband has almost banned her from doing any more movies and dramas in Pakistan. According to close sources ofLollywood, Noor has refused several Lollywood scripts and it is all due to her second husband.  Noor was married to an Indian Event’s Organizer in Dubai and has two children from him. Her husband was a Hindu and she is a Muslim and religious conflicts caused them to go their separate ways! After that Noor’s second marriage was a few years ago and now it has once against cause hindrances in her acting career! It was also with great difficulty that Noor was allowed to appear in a GEO TV’s comedy program.  When Noor’s husband was contacted he was very blunt and said that he is not going to allow for any showbiz activities for Noor in the future.  When Noor was a wonderful dancer and a good actress, and it would be a pity to loose a good talent like her!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Ainy Jaffri Will Soon Be Making Her Debut In Big Screen

The stunning new actor-model Ainy Jaffri has been seen in commercials for brands such as Dawlance, Ufone and Omore. She has also starred in a few plays, with her most recent one being Meri Behen Maya, in which she plays the role of a young girl despised by her stepmother. But while her beautiful face has enticed many a make-up artists to add her to their portfolio, she says entering the industry was not easy and that acting was a no-go area in her family.
“My parents wouldn’t want anyone to be involved in acting as they belong to a conservative family with a fixed set of values,” says Jaffri. “A lot has to do with not being familiar or not being able to understand the environment of the media.” She feels people tend to become judgmental about things they are not involved with, so it took her family some time to understand her decision to act.
Taking inspiration from Hollywood actors Nicole Kidman, Meryl Streep and Natalie Portman, Jaffri entered the realm of entertainment with great passion. “I am an actor; I believe modeling is a natural extension of acting as actors are constantly asked to endorse brands,” she says. “However, I am just five feet four inches in height. I know I’m not tall enough [for ramp modeling] according to this profession’s requirements, so I don’t opt for it either.”
“Our industry has plenty of dramas where women are depicted in powerful, woman-centric roles. Females have a strong role to play in our society, and as a result, female actors get the chance to portray that,” says Jaffri. “I believe acting gives you an insight into the human psyche — you are able to venture inside the human brain and see how it works; this really helps you on a personal level,” she says, adding that it has helped her understand others better.
Jaffri has been fortunate when it comes to choosing the plays she wants to work in. She is currently living with her parents and is not the sole bread earner, so there is no compulsion to accept all offers that come her way. “I am lucky that I get to make a decision and it’s a luxury I am grateful for,” she says.
As far as future plans are concerned, Jaffri will soon be making her debut in the film industry with a Humayun Saeed production.
Personal life:
“When I was growing up, I think I was very selfish as a sister — I would bully my younger siblings a lot, but I guess as time passes by, you grow up,” says Jaffri, with a mischievous smile. The family includes three sisters, with Jaffri being the eldest; producer Meher Jaffri who gained fame post Pakistani film, Seedlings (also known as Lamha) and Sarah Jaffri, who is involved in labour and employment issues in Pakistan.
She lived most of her life abroad, grew up in Singapore, completed her Bachelors in Commerce from McGill University in Canada and then moved back to Singapore where she worked for an advertising firm. With the passage of time, she grew “homesick for food, family and friends”, and knew it was time to move to Pakistan. She said that she knew in her heart that she had the ability to act and perform, so she made the decision to leave.
“In the initial two years, I used to Romanise the entire Urdu script of a drama, which was written in Urdu,” she says, talking about how she memorised scripts. “I was so bad at it. But as time has gone by, I have become better. The more you read, the better it becomes.”
Her decision to move to Pakistan, however, has more to do with her passion for acting than anything else. “I really enjoy acting and performing, and that is why I’m here,” she says, adding that she is used to an ‘open society’ and a lifestyle which is quite restricted in Pakistan.
Without giving away too much information, Jaffri says she still hasn’t been able to find Mr Right. “I haven’t found the right person, but I do believe in eternal love and am a believer in marriage,” she says. She adds, “But I am not impatient. I believe it comes naturally to be with somebody and to understand them, but you need to train your brain towards it.”
On a final note, she says that people should “follow their heart and dreams”. “I urge parents to give their children the opportunity to have their own identity and live their dreams.”