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Monday, January 14, 2013

Filmstar Noor’s Husband Dismay Over Her Acting

Pakistani Lollywood Star Noor’s husband has almost banned her from doing any more movies and dramas in Pakistan. According to close sources ofLollywood, Noor has refused several Lollywood scripts and it is all due to her second husband.  Noor was married to an Indian Event’s Organizer in Dubai and has two children from him. Her husband was a Hindu and she is a Muslim and religious conflicts caused them to go their separate ways! After that Noor’s second marriage was a few years ago and now it has once against cause hindrances in her acting career! It was also with great difficulty that Noor was allowed to appear in a GEO TV’s comedy program.  When Noor’s husband was contacted he was very blunt and said that he is not going to allow for any showbiz activities for Noor in the future.  When Noor was a wonderful dancer and a good actress, and it would be a pity to loose a good talent like her!

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