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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Chairman PEMRA: Stop Hero TV from airing its Ramzan Show to be hosted by Veena Malik


HERO TV must be penalised for the unethical promotion of Ramazan program to be hosted by Veena Malik as hypocrisy is one of the most disliked traits of human in the eyes of Islam, Pretending something which is against the actual reality is one type of hypocrisy. Famous Actress Veena Malik is starting a show called “Astaghfar” on Hero TV during Ramadan Transmission. A question is that if Miss Veena Malik has actually gone through the process of “Astaghfar” for all the wrong doings she is famous for. It is just not hypocrisy but also mockery, which is a disease from the era of Jaahiliyyah
HERO TV is clearly making fun of the religion Islam by launching a show that is hosted by Veena Malik who is well known for her activities during Ramadan, the holiest of the Muslim months. It is humiliation to in the name of Ramadan Transmission .
If you agree that with this Show Hero TV and Veena Malik are attempting to make fun of religion please sign this petition so that we can push PEMRA to ban the show and penalise Hero TV.

And also kindly log your complain regarding this issue to the complain cell of PEMRA, to add more pressure, by visiting the link below:

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Catching up with Fuzon

Even without an album release in almost four years, the Fuzon trio is as busy as ever. The band has kept fans entertained by releasing singles at regular intervals, such as last year’s world cup track and the song in collaboration with Azm-e-Alishan.
In addition to recording songs, Fuzon has been globetrotting and performing live with Pakistani artists like Alamgir, as well as some Norwegian bands during their tour of Norway in January this year. Since so much has been happening with the band, The Express Tribune caught up with Shallum, Emu and Rameez and asked them about their latest activities and experiences.
After the release of their latest album “Journey” in 2008, the band has done a number of international tours and collaborations helping them create new and distinct sounds which helped them grow as a unit overall. As Shallum puts it, “All in all, since ‘Journey’, our journey has been quite meaningful.”
The band performed in collaboration with Alamgir earlier this year in May at the Pakistan Advertising Society awards ceremony. Commenting on their experience, Shallum states, “Considering the amount of experience that Alamgir has and also keeping in mind that he is one of the first few who started the pop industry, I have to admit that performing with him was quite an entertaining experience. Watching him dance and sing during our performance in his white mesmerising outfit, made me want to jump off the stage on to the table and watch and learn.”
Following the same line of thought, Shallum further adds that in collaborating with an artist one does not simply exchange lyrics and notes but also moods and structures of the music, fusing together the different backgrounds of the musicians and creating a unique direction. He further elaborates that it is a greatly enriching learning experience when musicians collaborate with international artists if one is “willing to share, accept and embrace different mind sets, as it can benefit musicians’ and performers’ progress and boost their confidence as well.”
Emu shared that along with on-stage performances Fuzon is also looking to collaborate on studio songs where “creativity dictates the mood of the day.”
Furthermore, Fuzon also became the first Pakistani band to perform in China (Atif Aslam has performed in Hong Kong) at the fifth South Asian Countries Trade Fair’s opening ceremony in June this year, where Pakistan had been appointed the host nation. The crowd consisted of accomplished dignitaries from India, China, Pakistan and other countries who received the band’s performance very well, as Shallum states, “The performance was very successful. We played our songs and concluded our set with the National Anthems of China and Pakistan. We also managed to learn a few words in the local language to involve the audience and get them in to the groove.”
With regards to their future plans, the band says it plans to spend the year wrapping up their new album, which is scheduled for release at the end of this year; making new videos and preparing for their upcoming tour of the US.

Do you have an appetite for Veena in Ramazan?

When the promo for Veena Malik’s Ramazan show “Astaghfaar” made the rounds on the internet Monday evening, a large chunk of internet commenters were appalled. “I am Veena Malik. In the entire month of Ramazan, I will seek forgiveness for my sins and yours, with you on Hero TV,” Veena says in her promo, with a slightly quivering lip and tear-streaked cheek.
Before we launch into a discussion on how outrageous it is that Lady Scandal herself will be on our TV screens all 30 days of this holy month, let’s talk about how this show came about and what this Hero TV is that has given Veena this platform to purge her soul of sin. Herois a new infotainment channel that airs what the awaam demands. The producer of “Astaghfaar” explained to The Express Tribune that after Veena approached the team for a Ramazan show, a poll was conducted online. The poll asked the question: who is the sinner of all sinners? The options were (in this very order): siyasatdaan(politicians), police walay, Veena Malik and gharib awaam (the poor). Believe it or not, Veena Malik was voted the sinner of all sinners by a sweeping majority. If this is really how Pakistanis feel about her, what better than to give them a live show where people can call in and share their stories of atonement?
For those who think Veena is a brave voice in a country where such voices are stifled, “Astaghfaar” may be disappointing. Veena was heroic because she was her own person – she didn’t need to apologise. She wasn’t representing a commercially viable brand of religion and made it clear that she didn’t owe anyone an explanation. But now she wants forgiveness for her sins
But here’s the alternative view. As the idea of religion in Pakistan is fast becoming idealistic and almost elitist, Veena’s Ramazan transmission is going to open some space, pushing boundaries far enough to take away religion from the hands of the selected few. She is not a thief or a murderer. She is a woman who is unapologetic about being herself; why should that give people reason for a public outcry against her doing a religious show? Why should a woman whose topless pictures were aired on television, not be allowed to ask God for forgiveness on that same forum? It’s about time Pakistani audiences are given some space to breath and religious bigots are given a run for their money. If the outlandish Aamir Liaqat can talk about Islam, why not Veena?
In a country where TV ratings mean everything, Hero TV – a channel for the masses – will give us food for thought during a long month of fasting. If their aim is to get eyeballs, then hats off to them for pulling this off.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Pakistani Pop Singer Annie Khalid Ties Wedding Knot (Ary News Video)

Well-known Pakistani female pop singer Annie Khalid finally got married yesterday to a Dubai based Pakistani businessman, Malik Noraid Awan. The marriage celebrations were held at a local marriage all with much simplicity, family sources informed.

Ramazan shows: Will you tune in to Veena, Maya Khan or Aamir Liaquat?

As the arrival of holy month of Ramazan nears, promos for shows on different networks are out in strength as the ratings war intensifies. Brace yourselves – this year your TV screens will be taken over by celebrities, sportsmen, controversial anchors and talk show hosts during Iftar time!
First up is everyone’s favourite actor and model Veena Malik. The controversial actor will be appearing on the Hero TV show “Astaghfaar”.
A stern warning to “seek forgiveness for your sins” and visuals of hellfire are followed by a very emotional Veena, who in a sultry voice tells us that she will be seeking forgiveness for our and her sins throughout the holy month. A lone tear drop makes an appearance by the end of the promo. Very emotional.
Needless to say, we’re excited about seeing Veena on the show.
Remember Maya Khan? Yes the one who raided the public park and ran after couples asking them about their marital status. Good, because Maya will also be appearing for Iftar transmissions on ARY Digital alongside TV host Dr Shahid Masood on the show “Sheher-e-Ramadan”.
Maya says:
Hum banain gay sahara eik dosray ka, kyoon kay humay hay ehsaas apnoon kaa.
We know you care, Maya. Who knows what she has in store for the viewers this time.
The legend is back. Dr Aamir Liaquat of “Aalim Online” and Ghalib film fame is also back on Geo. His return to the network wascelebrated in a song by the host himself and Mr Jeem, Geo’s mascot.
The good doctor will be hosting the show “Pehchan Ramzan”.
And then of course there is Lala. Everyone’s favourite cricketer Shahid Afridi will be on Express Entertainment this year, appearing on the show “Mehmaan ka Ramazan”.
Iftar time just got a little more interesting.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Wo Humsafar Tha, but should they pay royalties?

While “Wo Humsafar Tha”, winner of Best Original Soundtrack and Song of The Year at the Lux Style Awards 2012, had its share of celebrations, it seems the festivities will be short-lived. EMI Pakistan has sent a copyrights infringement notice toHum TV, (the channel that aired the widely popular “Humsafar”) regarding the sound track which was composed by Waqar Ali and sung by Quratulain Baloch and received very high ratings (TRPs).
EMI shared documents with The Express Tribune which state that the song “Who Humsafar Tha” was originally composed and sung by legendary singer Abida Parveen for her album “Latest Ghazals by Abida Parveen”, which was released in 1985.
“We sent them a notice about a week ago to get the official license of using this sound track from EMI Pakistan. But so far, they have not got back to us,” Zeeshan Chaudhry, General Manager Marketing, Sales and Strategy at EMI told The Express Tribune. “We’ll send a follow up letter on Wednesday and if we still don’t hear from them, the matter will go into the hands of our legal team.”
Chaudhry spoke about the issue in light of the larger issue of music piracy, saying that people in Pakistan have an unclear and na├»ve understanding of what it really is. He said that while is it believed locally that creating illegal copies of CDs is piracy, the definition engulfs more. “People are unaware that revamping an already made song in the name of a tribute is a blatant violation of intellectual property rights because neither the label nor the artist gets anything out of it (royalties),” he said.
However, Chaudhry also makes clear that EMI does not intend to bring a decline in the Pakistani music industry, which is the prime reason for why the record company is not putting a high licencing fee on Indian labels that license songs in Pakistan. In the case of “Who Humsafar Tha”, the wrongdoer in the eyes of EMI is an independent production house, which EMI says should take this practice seriously. “We appreciate Hum TV for valuing our content, but at the same time, it is copyrights infringement because they reproduced the song without getting an official licence and fulfilling the necessary legal formalities”.
While Abida Parveen refused to comment on the matter, EMI promised that she would be paid her due share once the other party acquires the licence to her song.
“EMI is known for its credibility and regular return of royalties, Abida Parveen will get whatever the signed agreement says about her share in the revenue,” Chaudhry added.
Despite repeated attempts, The Express Tribune was unable to reach Momina Duraid, CEO of Momina Duraid Productions and producer of TV show “Humsafar”. However, the Public Relations department atHum TV denied receiving any such copyrights infringement notifications.
“We have not received any legal notifications from anyone up till now,” the general manager of the Public Relations department, Shanaz Ramzi told The Express Tribune on behalf of Momina Duraid Productions. “If the matter goes into legal hands because of the lyrics, then we have written permission from the poet, Nasir Turabi himself.”
“Apart from that, the melody is totally different from its previous version and Waqar Ali has exclusively produced this song for the drama ‘Wo Humsafar Tha’,” she added.
When asked why it took so long for them to deliver this notice toHum TV, EMI said that they were involved in a series of other copyright infringement issues, and the process took some time
If EMI’s claim is valid, the case of “Who Humsafar Tha” will surely be amongst the most mindboggling cases of copyrights violations in the history of Pakistani entertainment. Not only did the song become a household melody, it also played a pivotal role in the popularity of the drama “Wo Humsafar Tha”. Quratulain Baloch, who has one “Coke Studio” song to her credit, made it big with this soundtrack and gained great popularity.
However, if EMI’s claim is unfounded, it will lose credibility as a record label company and will come across as one that survives on its own legacy of music – an organisation making desperate attempts to catch someone, somehow.
Disclaimer: The Express Tribune is a sister concern of Express Entertainment, a competitive entertainment channel.

A cocktail of voices from India and Pakistan

Bollywood flick Cocktail has released worldwide amidst a steadily growing build-up — while some of it can be explained by cast member Deepika Padukone’s trendy outfits (and that red bikini!), most of it owes to the soundtrack.
If the songs “Tum Hi Bandhu”and “Daaru Desi” have you tapping your feet, here’s something else that will make you smile: four Pakistani singers – Arif Lohar, Javed Bashir, Imran Aziz Mian and Sahir Ali Bagga – have contributed to the Cocktail soundtrack by giving it a new sound and feel. Arif Lohar, one of the biggest names in Punjabi folk music, tells The Express Tribune that the film has provided a bridge for singers and artists in India and Pakistan. Referring to his famous Punjabi track “Jugni”, Lohar says his track represents Pakistani music in a positive manner. “‘Jugni’ has had many versions,” said Lohar. “The situational context of ‘Jugni’ has been adapted in the past – even my father Alam Lohar had sung the song. But it can have different meanings.”
He added that the soundtrack is important in showcasing the growing stature of Bagga, a young musician with great talent. He also said the involvement of Pakistani singers shows that entertainers from both countries can gain popularity across borders.
Bagga’s entry into Bollywood has started out with a bang. With the launch of Cocktail, music critics in India have appreciated his song “Lutna”. Shedding light on the track, Bagga says it arises out of a sad and controversial situation in the movie that is filmed on Gautam, the character of Saif Ali Khan, and his girlfriends. He said that he wanted to take the modern situation but add a classical touch to it while keeping Pakistan in the loop as well by incorporating beats from the Punjabi-folk song Saiful Malook. “We have kept the Sufi touch to the music which I think represents Pakistan well,” adds Bagga.
In light of his success, Bagga remains optimistic about how his talent could be used in B-town. “It’s an honour to start out in a blockbuster film in comparison to a low quality one. This does not usually happen,” Bagga tells The Express Tribune at his Lahore-based SAB studio. He explains that he earned the opportunity after his success in collaborating with Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, as well as the award he received at this year’s London South Asian Film Festival in which he won the best musical talent award for “Koi Dil Mai” from Tamanna.
No visas for these voices
The Cocktail team had planned an unplugged event in India where one would get to see the solidarity of Indian and Pakistani musicians. Unfortunately, the Pakistani singers could not obtain visas for India, and the music launch idea had to be scrapped. Talking about this controversy, Bagga says that creating music in India has become somewhat of an issue for Pakistani artists due to a local license that is a prerequisite. He says that singers like Atif Aslam, Shafqat Amanat Ali and Rahat Fateh Ali Khan have been recording outside of India due to legal requirements for artists recording within India.
But Bagga continues to be optimistic about the collaboration. “In music, there is no war,” he says, adding that Pakistani singers are versatile and hence, producers in India have more options when fusing with them.
Lohar feels that visa restriction has nothing to do with music and was “not a big deal”. “The issue was not from the Pakistan government, but every country makes their own rules.  We should be more tolerant in these times because the masses want this [collaboration],” says Lohar.