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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Chairman PEMRA: Stop Hero TV from airing its Ramzan Show to be hosted by Veena Malik


HERO TV must be penalised for the unethical promotion of Ramazan program to be hosted by Veena Malik as hypocrisy is one of the most disliked traits of human in the eyes of Islam, Pretending something which is against the actual reality is one type of hypocrisy. Famous Actress Veena Malik is starting a show called “Astaghfar” on Hero TV during Ramadan Transmission. A question is that if Miss Veena Malik has actually gone through the process of “Astaghfar” for all the wrong doings she is famous for. It is just not hypocrisy but also mockery, which is a disease from the era of Jaahiliyyah
HERO TV is clearly making fun of the religion Islam by launching a show that is hosted by Veena Malik who is well known for her activities during Ramadan, the holiest of the Muslim months. It is humiliation to in the name of Ramadan Transmission .
If you agree that with this Show Hero TV and Veena Malik are attempting to make fun of religion please sign this petition so that we can push PEMRA to ban the show and penalise Hero TV.

And also kindly log your complain regarding this issue to the complain cell of PEMRA, to add more pressure, by visiting the link below:

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