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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Actress Meera completed her English language course

It’s been decade; I have been seeing Meera on television screen, since then there is hardly any quarter in a year Meera didn’t hit the media without anynews. Well, coming back to the point; apart from her controversies; Meera is popularly famous for her English. Back then I remember there was a video which went viral on social media and YouTube in which Meera was to interview famous fashion Photographer Tapu Javeri. I can bet that no one could stay still after seeing that hilarious video.
Leaving past apart, the news is that Meera is finally a graduated with English language degree from Canada. She has successfully completed her course from Canada and America. The course was of two months; and she will be awarded with degree after 15 days.
She was later spotted in a fashion show; interviewed in English and to everyone’s surprise she spoke well. A good news indeed, atleast we can expect that our actress can now converse in ‘Angrazi’ and will picture educated image of Pakistan.

Faisal Qureshi finalises preparations for a new film

Actor Faisal Qureshi has finalized the preparations for a new film.
The work on the music will begin during next week. The film will be shot in Lahore‚ Karachi and Gilgit Baltistan.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Waar not releasing this Eid!


I know the cover photo is a bit too dramatic and my paint skills suck, lets move on from that to the news at hand. So for the ten thousand time the film Waar is not releasing on the date announced and has been postponed. But people do not get all judgmental because “Waar” is the most expensive film made in Pakistan to date and setting on a release date is definitely not an easy task. With three big films already releasing this Eid I say the decision to post pone the film is spot on.
Bilal Lashari, the director of this keenly awaited film, during a chat with Galaxy Lollywood explained his reasoning and said

“Because of the number of films releasing on Eid, even with housefulls it’s not enough business considering how limited the shows will be per film.”
This makes perfect sense because four films releasing on the same day would totally eat into each others business and collectively make less money compared to them getting solo releases .Moreover even if we had multiplexes ( yes I know we have some four multiplexes but I mean in a more abundant supply) each film would get more shows but but still less than compared to a solo release. Also with new Indian films ready to storm the box office the very next week  all our films would suffer. India was also  having a similar clash between two films on Eid( Chennai Express and Once Upon a Time in Mumbai Dobara) and you know what they did? They did the smart thing and postponed  OUATIMD.
Waar not releasing this Eid is definitely a bit sad as lots of people ( me included) were eagerly waiting for the film but on the upside we still have three other films to chose from and Waar will soon be coming out!  Closing this article with Bilal’s words.
“ For better or worse Waar has been pushed forward…”
Lets hope that this was for better :)