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Monday, November 4, 2013

19 days of Waar means a business of 25 crore (gross).

Waar has been on a record breaking spree ever since it hit cinemas.  First  ”All records were shattered as Waar collected 1.8 crore on the first day.”
Then “Waar packed a punch and collected 13 crore (gross) in its first week.” Now it has been 19 days since Waar released and it has raked in 25 crore ( gross) and 16.6 crore (net). If this is not huge then I dont know what is.
Here is the day wise breakup. Also check out my post “ 8 Reasons you should get yourself a Waar ticket right away.

1st day  ( Wednesday) :  1.15 cr (net)
2nd day (Thursday):       1.51 cr(net)
3rd day  (Friday):            1.46 cr (net)
4th day ( Saturday):       1.53 cr (net)
5th day ( Sunday):         1.36 cr (net)
6th day (Monday):         0.66cr (net)
7th day(Tuesday):         0.63cr (net)
8th day( Wednesday):   0.56 cr (net)
9th day(Thursday):        0.59cr (net)
1st Week=                    9.45 crore (net)
10th day (Friday):        0.71 cr (net)
11th day ( Saturday):  1.11 cr (net)
12th day (Sunday):     1.08 cr (net)
13th day (Monday):     0.55cr (net)
14th day(Tuesday):     0.49cr (net)
15th day( Wednesday: 0.50 cr (net)
16th day(Thursday):    0.47cr(net)
2nd week =               4.91 crore (net)
Total (Week 1+2)= 14.36 crore(net)
17th day (Friday):  0.44cr (net)
18th day ( Saturday):  0.91 cr (net)
19th day (Sunday): 0.85cr(net) * approximately
Total : 19 Days   16.6 crore* approximately

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