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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Music for the upcoming film Kaptaan is out!

Download it now from iTunes, CDBaby and Spotify. You can also buy it from Amazon stores on 10th December.

All soundtracks are produced by Farhan Zameer, and the original soundtracks are composed by him. The album also features some very talented artists like Abbas Ali KhanKashif Naveed, Khadim Hussain, Rakae Jamil, Tehseen W. Chishty and Naaqi Ali Khaan.

We really hope you’d like the album, so please download it and leave a feedback. We’ll also announce the release date for film very soon, but till then, enjoy the music.

Here are the links to buy music:

Amazon: (Available after 10 December, 2013)

1. "The Great Khan (Intro)" Farhan Zameer
2. "Allah Hoo" Farhan Zameer
3. "Meri Jaan Pakistan" Rakae Jamil, Tehseen W. Chishty
4. "Mere Humsafar" Abbas Ali Khan, Farhan Zameer
5. "Kaptaan (The Legend)" (Instrumental) Farhan Zameer
6. "Zikar" Kashif Naveed, Khadim Hussain, Farhan Zameer
7. "Maa" Farhan Zameer
8. "Lost Motherland" (Instrumental) Farhan Zameer
9. "Yaad Piya Kee" Naqqi Ali Khan
10. "The Revolution" (Instrumental) Farhan Zameer
11. "Zikar (Version 2)" Abbas Ali Khan, Farhan Zameer, Rakae Jamil

We’d like to thank TechDigital (Lahore) and Hummingbird Studio (Dubai) for technical facilities.

NOTE: Some of the soundtracks are not featured in this preview, you can listen to the previews from the websites you’re buying.


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