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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Is Fatima being compaired to Bol ?

Bol & Fatima
With all the excitement about the imminent release of Shoaib Mansoor’s Bol, the industry is now abuzz with news of Award Winning Producer/Director Sean Ali’s Fatima.
Fatima is a women revolving story which captivates and shows how a women is suppressed in the society. The film is being produced by Universal Dream Pictures (UDP), Written by Michael Ray & Directed by Sean Ali.
The Film is starring Farhan Aly Agha, Ayesha Riyasat Khan and for the first Nazia Malik is acting the role of Fatima. Recently The main role Nazia Malik somehow isnt available at the dates of the shooting which she might not do the role anymore, Director Sean Ali has decided to replace Nazia Malik and to go for other actor for the character of Fatima, but the question is WHO?
Ali was always interested in the Women issues being faced in Pakistan for which he decided to go in history to make a movie of Fatima Jinnah sister of Mohammed Ali Jinnah who played a vital role in politics during the independence in 1947. Having the idea of Fatima Jinnah being the inspiration for all the women in Pakistan, Ali decided to portray Fatima in modern-day version in 2012.
In recent events, The release of Shoaib Mansoor’s Bol has made a coincidence with the movie Fatima being similar by highlighting the issues of women rights in Pakistan. All this issues of similarity between both movies have ruined the hype of Sean Ali’s Fatima, yet Sean Ali is being honored for his film to be compared with the movie Bol. Further more he stated the movie Fatima would hit the theaters.

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