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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Shaan injured during shooting of film in Lahore

LAHORE: Actor Shaan was injured during the shooting of an action sequence for the Punjabi film Acha Gujjar. The actor was rushed to Razzaq Hospital in Shalimar Bagh, where he was treated for a minor back injury and discharged with orders of three weeks’ rest.
The incident had taken place in the Iqbal Town area of Lahore on Monday.
The film’s director, Masood Butt said that Shaan was shooting a duel with co-star Shafqat Cheema, who kidnaps Saima and Dua Qureshi in the scene. The actor is playing the lead role in the film.
Following the scene, Saima and Dua run towards Shaan and at this point a police car is supposed to arrive. Butt said that the driver had missed the mark for the scene and Shaan was hit by the car.
“He flew forward in the air around 7 feet, luckily he is alright and he will be resting,” said Butt.
Butt said that the hospital had discharged him with minor injuries and requested that he rest.

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