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Friday, November 23, 2012

Karavan has reunited after two years

There is good news for all the Karavan lovers — the rock-pop band has reunited and is back with a bang! They recently performed live together at a concert in Karachi after being in hibernation, or as reports say, “after they split-up two years ago.”
In 2002, the band’s single “Agay Hi Agay”, received a great response from fans and allowed them to rise to fame. Other hit singles include “Dil Ki Pyaas” and “Shor” from their third album called Gardish. While the band itself had split, Tanseer Dar, lead vocalist of Karavan, did not stop pursuing his dream in music — he collaborated with Nabeel Chishti (an ex-member of Aaroh) on a project called “The Nabeel Nihal Project” a few months ago.
While we look forward to Karavan rocking the city with its new and original beats, their future plans still seem a little vague — will they release singles or will they restrict themselves to only performing live shows? We are yet to find out.

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