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Monday, April 29, 2013

Anjuman (Tarang Housefull Telefilm)

Anjum Hayat Khan is a young and innocent university student. Much to her dismay, she is jeered at by some unruly, iniquitous students who constantly mock at her and try to make her life miserable day in day out. Anjum, however, tackles the situation by simply ignoring the wicked lot and avoiding it the best way she can. Asif, on the other hand, is a fellow student, who has soft corner for the lass, confronts the unruly lot leading to a raucous brawl in the University.

Sometime later, the same rowdy group visits a “kotha” where it is dumbfounded to see Anjum – the same innocent girl – dancing before them.  The very next day, this news spreads all across the University like wild fire while Asif is also traumatized to hear what he hears about the girl. Anjum (Anjuman as dancer) instantly leaves the University leaving a plethora of questions unanswered in the mind of Asif.

In the course of time, Asif’s brother ‘Wajahat’ is found to be involved with one of the well-known prostitutes – who again to Asif’s shock and displeasure – turns out to be none other Anjum herself. Anjum discloses to Asif that Wajahat has actually purchased her on the ceremony of “Nat Utarwai” and that she is now the property of Asif’s brother. Asif then decides to replace himself with his brother and stay with Anjuman. However, Asif remains intrigued with the fact that what made Anjum shed off her purity and become Anjuman instead – this and many other questions that remain unanswered…

The twists and turns are sure to make you glued right till the very end!

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