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Saturday, April 20, 2013

False Propaganda by Enemies Will Go in Vain: Malik Noureed Awan

CEO of MMA Group of companies, Malik Noureed Awan has been the target for many businessmen as this young man got fame very quickly. Every good idea in the entertainment market got him excited and he invested. He wanted to see cricket for Pakistanis rise, so he touched PPL – Pakistan Premier League. He wanted to bring great Music to Pakistan so he began his own company for music production. He wants to see Lollywood rise so he wants to invest in Lollywood. But all this took a toll on this young man, as he popped up in front of many people, who did not like his guts. CEO of MMA Group of companies, Malik Noureed Awan said that he spoke to the Senior workers of his company and said that false propaganda by his enemies will go in vain. He added that people who do not want to see him succeed are paying other people to make slanderous remarks and want to see him defamed. He said that they want to see my business go down but he would not allow that to happen. Malik also said that in all businesses ups and down happen all the time and that does not mean that his company would disappoint his own clients and investors as they our family. He also added that very soon every thing will be back to normal. He also swore that those who defamed his business and him, would be brought out in front of the media. In the end Malik Noureed Awan said that ups and downs is a very normal thing and that MMA Group of Companies lost millions even before all this controversy but due to its hard work and dedication, the company sprung back to normal.  So he said even now he will adopt the same hard working policies!

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