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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Main Hoon Shahid Afridi Review (

Without a doubt, this movie has set high standards for upcoming Pakistani movies.

The revival Of Pakistani cinema.

“Main Hoon Shahid Afridi” an ARY Films and Mandviwalla Entertainment presentation, is Pakistani cinemas’ first ever Sports-flick and its Blockbuster response at the box office proves that the Pakistani audience was anxiously awaiting a movie that revives the lost status of Lollywood and becomes part of the Revival of Pakistani Cinema.
Why did Pakistani cinema lose its one-proud status? It’s a long debate, but the main reason is not being able to produce entertainment that caters to an audience as a whole.
What is so different about MHSA? You guessed it right!  Its all in the name! Shahid Afridi and Cricket!
As cricket is the most played and popular sport in every street of Pakistan, it’s a dream of every young cricketer on the street to be like cricketer Shahid Afridi. The producer/actor Humayun Saeed played the right innings at the right time, and although the movie delayed its release date, looking at the crowds and its block buster response, it seems the audience was eagerly awaiting for this action packed sports drama to hit the big screen across Pakistan.
The movie has many big names and much celebrated actors of Pakistani cinema and TV all connected in an abstract way, Nadeem Baig, Javed Shaikh, Shafqat Cheema, Mahnoor Baloch, Ismail Tara, but in these big names we should not forget the commendable role of newcomers like Noman Habib, Shahzad Sheikh, Gohar Rasheed, Ainy Jaffri, and many more.
Humayun Saeed plays Akbar Deen, a cricketer. He has a small family, a mother, father (Nadeem Baig), a wife (Mahnoor Baloch) and son. Akbar gets implicated with illegal drugs and framed by his opponents. Akber ends up in jail which bats his career off the cricket grounds.
Years later, Shahid (Noman Habib), a youngster from Sialkot who works the cash register in a local restaurant, pushes the owner of his local cricket club (Ismail Tara, playing Malick Khalid) to enter the team in a Pepsi-sponsored tournament. A few beats later, and rather vapidly, Akbar signs up as the team’s coach.
Their rivals are silver spoons who reach the cricketing grounds by choppers, are employed by Mian Asif Qureishi (Mr. Sheikh senior), and includes Mikaal Qureishi (Shahzad Sheikh), Akbar’s son. The war of Ego, revenge runs and emotions begins  between Sialkot Shaheen and Islamabad Warriors!
The response of the audience is very positive, the social networking sites, specially Twitter and Facebook are loaded with comments and reviews of the blockbuster movie.
In the current Pakistan situation, where everything is unorganized and the overall situation and business environment is highly risky, if a Pakistani makes this kind of movie, it becomes a fantastic accomplishment in itself, quite aside from being an excellent piece of cinema!
The production team’s efforts are highly appreciated — this kind of stuff has not been seen in many years in Pakistan. This is a first step to clear the rust and dirt. Every gender and age group are liking this.

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