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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Fatima: A story of a modern day ‘Miss Jinnah’

Pakistan does not have many films on historical or even present inspirational figures to boast about. The first in this  category was Jinnah, a film made on the life and struggle of the founding father of Pakistan Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, thus giving it the status of being the first film ever to be  based on the life of some inspirational figure in Pakistan. Recently a movie by the name of Kaptaan was announced, depicting the life of cricketer turned philanthropist turned politician Imran Khan, making it the second film to join the same league as that of “Jinnah.”
Now presently we are covering another movie, which although cannot be compared directly to the two films mentioned above but still holds some connection to them. The film in discussion is Fatima which is an upcoming film inspired by the personality of  Miss Fatima Jinnah, who in her times along with her brother (Muhammad Ali Jinnah) was there as a constant pillar of support in his struggle. Furthermore she has contributed a lot for the Muslim independence in subcontinent, and now is considered as one of the most respectable personalities in Pakistan’s history.
Initially the rumors suggested that the films was completely based upon the life of Miss Jinnah, but director of the film Sean Ali put an end to all the speculations when in a recent interview to Express Tribune he clearly pointed out that “Fatima Jinnah was in fact an amazing lady but the idea of the film is about her return to this world in 2012. No, Fatima Jinnah will not appear as a supernatural figure. The basic ideas is  how a lady similar to  Ms Jinnah would be portrayed as the modern-day version of the historic figure and she would then come about as an inspiration for the Pakistani women.”
The ten times ‘International film festival’ award winner, ‘Sean Ali’ is the director whereas the film is produced by the US-based Pakistani company ‘Universal dream pictures’. The film stars TV actress and model Sana Humayun in the lead role, whereas Farhan Ali Agha also has a very key role of a criminal lawyer. The rest of the cast includes, Ayesha Riyasat Khan, Areesha (Child Artist), Zainab Haider Ali, Arsalan Javed, Maria Rehman, Hassan Mujtaba, Sardar Hussain, Namra Maqsood, M.Hamid, Mirza Shujat Ali, Tabish Ashraf, Umair Shafi and Zakiullah Khan.
Although the film is to hit cinemas this October but it is already in news thanks to the many controversies surrounding it. First it was the televison actress, host and Fashion designer Nazia Malik who left the project citing dates clash as the reason despite the fact that she was offered the lead role. Then came the rumor that film is nothing but a mere re-make of the recently released  superhit film “Bol” as both the stories revolve around women. Moreover  the scripting of the film “Fatima” began in June when the film Bol had just released, so there is a strong possibility that the film will have a lot in common with the film “Bol”: in terms of story.
But shunning all these rumors and explaining the plot a bit further, the director said, “The film is divided into different eras, starting from the first term of  the former prime minister Benazir Bhutto, then moving to her second term and finally taking us to the time when she returned to Pakistan after her exile.It is after these eras that that Fatima, the lead character, rises as an activist and a political leader form the slums of Karachi after which the local political parties start taking interest in this passionate leader.”
The industry people have always been of the view that new people should come and drive this recession hit industry of film making in Pakistan towards a boom. Therefore it would be interesting to see how this new director Sean Ali will  produce something which will help the industry, and steer it in the right direction.

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